T32 Training Program in Metabolism, Endocrinology and Obesity

Eligibility and Application

Post-Doctoral Candidates

    Candidates must be citizens or permanent US residents with MD, PhD, MD/PhD or equivalent degrees. Post-doctoral applicants whose research interests are in basic science will apply to a specific faculty member of the Training Program listed under "Program mentors", and are initially evaluated by that individual. If the specific training, letters of recommendation and publications are relevant and positive, the candidate will be invited for an interview to further assess the research potential of the candidate, and successful applicants will be supported by the T32. The listed investigators are highly interactive and collaborative with many co-authored publications, thus further contributing to the rich intellectual environment of the training program.

Pre-Doctoral Candidates

    Candidates must be citizens or permanent US residents.

    Pre-doctoral slots will be restricted to doctoral candidates at BUSM who have passed part I of their qualifying exam and whose work addresses the fields related to the grant, that is, metabolism, endocrinology, and obesity.

    Preliminary applications should include:
    • The candidate's C.V.
    • A one page description of the project to be written by the candidate
    • A one paragraph statement of his/her future plans in science
    • A letter of support from the mentor that provides evidence of adequate independent funding to support the proposed research and addresses a mentoring plan
    Please email the requested material to Dr. Kandror (kkandror@bu.edu).